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Emotional design

We manufacture each of our pieces from scratch using processes that have the minimum impact on nature. We believe in social values, in sustainability and in careful and detailed work, which is why Latorre promotes emotional design.

100% inhouse manufacturing

At Latorre we take on the entire manufacturing process of our furniture: from the initial design to the selection of local materials, assembly and distribution. Thanks to this, we can offer a much closer and personalised service: much more human, face to face.


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PAU Collection

What does Pau & Latorre mean?


In 2002, the new Pau&Latorre brand born with a whole new style and range of furniture. The firm headed by Ascensión and now led by the funders children manufactures top quality, handmade and exquisitely finished furniture. This new concept won over new markets and consol dated both Ascensión Latorre and Pau&Latorre in Europe and other foreign countries.

Pau&Latorre is an idea, an avant-garde concept. Luxury sofas are made and designed to withstand time. New lines with a classical concept. It has been created to last forever. The Pau&Latorre range combines casual, informal pieces as well as sober and contemporany designs. The Pau&Latorre range is the blend of being meticulously perfect and providing exquisitely finished pieces with a yet simpler and more elegant style.

Pau&Latorre means confort and pleasure. Relaxing and resting in a spacious, peaceful and harmonious atmosphere is becoming invaluable.

Pau&Latorre creates this feeling of luxury and simplicity that is the perfect way to get back in touch with the inner self after a hard day. In short, Pau&Latorre's philosophy aimsto make your life more pleasant.

New PAU Collection Catalog by Latorre 2023