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HOME DEKOR showcases a collection which closes the gap between continents with innovative designs from Italy, Portugal and Spain. Known for its distinctive furniture, lighting and outdoor. The lines we work with are rooted in tradition and based in the future.

Modern Furniture in USA - Blasco&Vila

Blasco & Vila

Modern Furniture from Spain. A special understanding of a craft, an upholstery, a global and demanding profession is combined with the experience gained over the 25 years, innovation in the service of design and the experience of our masters, these are the values ​​that we convey in our pieces Blasco & Vila Atelier in Moixent, Valencia, surrounded by a calm and warm environment full of olive, vitis and orange trees, we manufacture our own high quality and high-quality designer pieces intended to furnish and decorate living space and public spaces for relaxation.

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Established in Porto in 2008, Munna is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade upholstery with unmatched craftsmanship, seamlessly blending noble materials and timeless design, for both commercial and residential projects.

Made by hand in Porto, Munna’s pieces honour the profound heritage of craftsmanship, while drawing inspiration from history’s most influential artistic periods, using high quality fabrics such as cotton velvet, twill, leather and silk; the finest wood veneers, such as ebony, walnut and rosewood; sumptuous gold, silver and copper leaves, metal details in brass, nickel and copper, and superior lacquers.

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Munna Luxury Furniture World Brand
Atticus Gallery Woodwork Luxury Furniture

Atticus Gallery

Atticus is a gallery focused on making singular pieces come true, exploring the border between the functional and the artistic.

This project starts thanks to the initiative of the collector and businessman Rafael Pons Valle who, with his enthusiasm and strength, has enabled this project to see the light.

To face this task, he has surrounded himself with a professional team with extensive experience. Among them is the collaboration of the artist and designer Paco Camus, who has incorporated some of his well-known designs, and will shortly present new exclusive pieces, which will surely seduce lovers of art and design.

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Ginger & Jagger

Ginger & Jagger’s creations are made for all types of interior projects, while keeping a sense of a higher form of living through a carefully and exquisite range of selected materials and finishes.

From five star Hotels to award winning Restaurants, to fabulous bars and the coolest lounges, Munna and Ginger & Jagger’s designs can be seen all over the world.

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Ginger&Jagger High-End Furniture Brand
Coleccion Alexandra - Top Class Furniture from Spain

Coleccion Alexandra

Coleccion Alexandra is a young, dynamic and family-run company that designs and manufactures exquisite and handcrafted furniture. It has a highly personal philosophy, developing a unique concept from the perspective of the designer, not the manufacturer of traditional furniture. Therefore, it does not limit its collection to furniture design, but includes decorative items, home textiles and lighting, ALL with a unique and distinct style.

With an unsurpassed reputation the dazzling Coleccion Alexandra is leading the way in high-end design throughout the world. Redefining interiors by juxtaposing classically inspired pieces aside sleek modernist textiles and phenomenal contemporary creations, this is a collection without precedents.

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The images offered represent what has become our signature sophisticated style, christened by Latorre as Classic Avant-garde.

Rather than cling to the past, our premium world seeks to reinvent, seducing with its unique and unmistakable stamp. We seek new solutions through PAU research, our other design firm, where many of our prototypes are born and evolve from contemporary concept, to true luxury furniture.

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Acsencion Latorre - Luxury Furniture
Mobboli - Modern Furniture for home & office


An air of restlessness. From the creative impulse of delaoliva comes Mobboli: a contemporary aesthetic criterion, conceived to provide possibilities to spaces and environments of all kinds. A new brand, flexible and avant-garde and at the same time faithful to its origins.

A concept deeply responsible with the environment and with a whole philosophy of work, employed during more than 60 years.

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Tomas & Saez

TOMAS & SAEZ is a young, dynamic and family run com- pany that designs and manufactures furniture, lighting and accessories collections. With a highly personal philosophy, the common denominator of all our pieces is the exclusivity of its designs and the high quality.

The traditional handicraft used by TOMAS & SAEZ, enables the production of unique and singular pieces, manufactured one by one to suit each individual project or customer. The pas- sion and love for what our experts craftsmen makes is present in every piece, taking care about and every detail.

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