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REVER IN & OUT Solution | Research Innovation Design Comfort

Rever was set up by a family with 30 years of expertise in the raw materials production for padding. It was after this experience that it was inspired to create Tecnorev – a differentiated density padding technology which is ideal for Spas and relax areas.

Rever focuses on details and uses precious and quality products, elevated levels of research and design in the Outdoor and Indoor sectors. The company uses exclusive materials, unique models and products in terms of appearance and performance.

The company expanded its product range by creating furnishings for private customers and the contract sector. It had the ambitious goal of bringing design and comfort of the Indoors to the Outdoors, by combining precise craftsmanship and high industrial technology in its collection’s creations.

It is in Rever’s DNA to be at the forefront of creating, developing, and innovating products by selecting top partners and designers.

Every product is made in Italy with comfort as the outdoor furniture’s theme.

Rever Exterior Solutions:


Rever Products:

Daybed Viareggio
Daybed Viareggio

Outdoor Solutions

Rever aims to make people comfortable, whether they are sitting or lying down so that they can enjoy the moment. At the same time, it pays close attention to raw material and ergonomics. Rever is a producer without boundaries…

An ambitious feature of our collections is the “outdoor for all seasons” theme.

Rever’s aim is to make products which are different from anything else on the market, for example Cashmere for outdoor.


The “made in Italy” has built a status over the years through creativity and quality. It was the skill of Italian producers who were able to enhance their product and communicate what distinguished it globally. Today, made in Italy is a real brand considered as a distinctive sign of the tradition, culture, design, quality and creativity of our country..

Made in Italy is often copied. But beware, it is not, and never will be, a product close to the original. Made in Italy is an expression that evokes the idea of ​​superior quality Italian products all over the world.

In fact, Italian design has been able to build its strength on an original combination of aesthetic taste and artisan skills rooted in small and medium-sized enterprises in industrial districts. By deliberately turning to sophisticated market niches, it has created almost unique products, strongly characterized from a stylistic and qualitative point of view.


Why choose made in Italy by Rever. A Difference in style and quality!