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One of the hardest parts for a interior designer is what to choose: A bar stool or a counter stool?
Since we have a wide range of options

Bar and Counter Stools Guide

Modern Bar Counter


Most of the time your head is exploiting thinking about what to choose a bar or a counter stool? One of the hardest parts for a interior designer is what to choose: a bar stool or a counter stool. Since we have a wide range of options.

Here is a QUICK GUIDE to choose the correct bar or counter stool.

First, let’s cover the basics. One of the most frequently-asked questions we hear is: "What is the difference between counter stools and bar stools?"

luxury bar and counter stools

Any bar stools or counter stools at standard heights should fit under any bars or countertops at standard heights


Step No.1: Pick your height

Counter stools are used under countertops, measuring as a standard of 34-39 inches, as we already explained. and bar stools are used under bars, measuring at a standard of 42 inches.

The standard counter stool height is 24-29 inches tall, allowing it to fit directly underneath the countertop. The standard barstool height is 29-32 inches.

As we have already mentioned the first thing, we have to think about are the measures. Any standard height bar or counter stool should be placed directly under the counter to 32 inches, of course there are exceptions.

The counter stool is used under the standard 35" to 36" countertop, and the bar stool is used under the standard 40 to 42" countertop.

Here is a diagram showing the heigh of various seating options and positions of the people using them. We can see the difference between bar and counter stools as well as dining tables heights.

bar and counter stools height

So, in this point... WHAT IS A COUNTER STOOL? A counter stool is a type of restaurant seating where one can comfortably sit behind a counter.

A counter stool is normally designed to be accessible to adjust height for bar counters, kitchen tops, restaurant tables or any dining area. So, counter stools need to be tall enough or higher than a regular height restaurant table.

The average standard height for a counter is 36" above floor level. In that way a counter stool seat will measure 24" to 26" from the ground up.

In the other hand bar counters and (counter height) restaurant tables stand between 35" to 36" tall, with counter stools that measure 24" to 26" tall sitting guests at the perfect height for dining, socializing, or sipping on a cup of coffee.

Tables that sit lower than counters at the height between 28" to 30" will require regular restaurant dining chairs that stand 16" to 18" high.

As we already talk about this... WHAT IS A BAR STOOL? A bar stool is a tall chair. This “tall chair” frequently offers a footrest to the user`s feet. Height and narrowness are determined by their stability for use as regular and bar height tables at bars, lounges and pubs.

But bar stools are used nowadays for bars and kitchens counters. So, there is the problem what to choose for the good look of your design…

The standard height for a bar height table top typically measures 40" to 42" from the floor. Height of a bar stool seat should be somewhat between 29" and 30" from the floor. Restaurant bar stools with those dimensions allow customers to comfortably use the counter or bar height table surface for eating and drinking while providing enough room for your knees.

So, counter stools and restaurant bar stools differ by a seat height of 12".

Munna | Olympia luxury bar stools

Step No.2: Consider bar stools function

When we’re picking bar stools or counter stools we have to talk about function.

Now think about how you will use the stools in your home:

  • If you want more flexibility, we use a swivel stool or a backless stool.
  • If you are prioritizing comfort, we look at stools with arms or upholstery.
  • If you want to avoid swivel or backless stools because you have kind at home, look for a modern and confutable stool, easy to clean.

Whatever your reasoning, make sure you love the function of your stools just as much as you love how they look!.

bar and counter stools height

Step No.3: Choose your bar stools style

This is the most fun part but it can also be the trickiest. There is a wide range of stools to decorate your space and add a touch of style to your luxurious project.

What works well, depends on the style of your space. When picking bar stools and counter stools we cannot do the same we do in our last project. We have the same style but the space and the environment is different, so here are a few things our design team recommends:

Whether you're serving sandwiches to the kids on a sunny Saturday afternoon, chatting over a snack spread on the day of the big game, arranging a mimosa bar or settling in for a home cooked meal and a glass of wine at the end of the workday, sit in comfort with modern bar stools and counter stools. Whatever the style of your kitchen, dining room or patio, find a barstool height that's an ideal fit. Choose from swivel and stationary, high-back and backless, and shallow- and deep-seated kitchen stool designs. Also remember to find out whether you need counter height stools or taller bar height chairs.

Which Kitchen Counter Stools are Best for my Room Layout?

First, determine how many counter height dining chairs or kitchen counter bar stools you need, and measure your space to decide how many the room fits comfortably. Take into account the bar stool arrangement. For example, will all seats face the same direction? When positioning them around a kitchen island, consider making space for a counter height bar stool or two on either end for a setup similar to a dining table. When deciding on the ideal number of kitchen island stools, remember that high-back counter height dining chairs and swivel bar stools require more room between them, and that round styles take up slightly less space than square and rectangle designs. This makes them smart ideas for small kitchens.

Luxury bar and counter stools collection

Bar, counter, dining and extra tall stools dimensions.

Restaurant tables bar stools and counter stools are built with standard dimensions. If your counter top or table top measures out in an odd height, select a stool that is at least 10” lower. Doing so will give your legs and knees plenty of room even when you sit cross legged.

The ideal measurement for stools situated in between each other is 28". In conclusion, height should serve as guidance when shopping for counter and bar stools. Once you sort out the differences in height and other specific features, you can avoid buying the wrong stool.

Use the table below for a quick reference when matching up a table height with the right seating:

bar and counter stools height

The ideal seating should be about 10 inches lower than the counter. This will allow for enough knee room.

Ideal distance between a stool and countertop or bar table.

Start by measuring your bar or counter from floor to the underneath of the bar top. And it never hurts to measure twice, just to be as accurate as possible.

After you’ve measured, you can pick the right stool height by subtracting 10 inches from your counter height. Doing this will give you plenty room from the seat of the stool to the bottom of the countertop. To get the perfect stool height, measure from the floor to the seat.

How many bar or counter stools do you need?

Knowing the height of your barstools is only half the battle. Once you have the ideal height for your setup, you’ll need to figure out how many stools will fit. Too many and you’ll overcrowd your counter, too few and you’ll be left with a sparse and bare space.

Here is a magic formula to determine how many bar or counter stools you need:

  • Allow 6 inches between each seat for bar stools 16” and 18” wide.
  • Allow for 8” to 10” between each seat for bar stools that are 18” and wider.
  • Allow for extra room between each seat to make it easier for people to move in and out of their seats for swivel bar stools.

Modern stools are a great way to mix up your styles.

People should be able to get in and out of their seats easy and eat and drink without bumping elbows.

Once you’ve measured, twice that is, YOU ARE READY TO PICK A CORRECT STOOL?

So, what can you choose from? You’ll find that there are plenty of modern stools to go with both your decor and your needs when it comes to designing your space.

But don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Modern stools are a great way to mix up your styles by bringing in something unexpected as you can see in our collection.

bar and counter stools height

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